100th day celebration at Carr Elementary


Students at Carr Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of the current school year by doing, well, almost 100 different things. Kindergartners in Mrs. Buckingham’s class placed Fruit Loops cereal on a paper grid with 100 spaces on it and then strung the 100 pieces of cereal into a necklace to wear the rest of the school day. Kindergartners in Mrs. Evans’ class tried to see who could keep an air-filled  balloon aloft for 100 seconds and counted out 100 steps in various directions in the school building. Both kindergarten classes did other sets of 100 things throughout the day. Mrs. Brown’s first graders cut out some glasses with frames that looked like the number 100 and wore them at lunch. They also did other activities on Friday. Third-graders in Mrs. Burnette’s class counted out 100 pieces of Cheerios cereal by grouping them in 10′s and then created a picture with the 100 pieces. Other classes throughout the elementary school did various activities, too, on Friday.

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