KAYSER Automotive Systems Overwhelmed by Skilled Fulton County Workforce



FULTON, KY – Over 550 people attended the KAYSER Automotive Systems job fair that was held on Tuesday, January 28th. The event which was sponsored by KAYSER, the Fulton Co/Hickman Co Economic Development Partnership, the West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board, and the Kentucky Career Center drew individuals from all across West Kentucky and West Tennessee. The most interesting statistic of the day was that of the 588 applications received, 391 met the advertised requirement of three years of assembly manufacturing experience.

“The people who came out today, weren’t just here to fill out an application,” said Eddie Crittendon, Executive Director of the Fulton County/Hickman County Economic Development Partnership. “These were skilled individuals ready to go to work and commit to a company that is willing to invest in their workforce.”

Fulton County has struggled in to overcome the loss of its automotive and other manufacturing companies that created its rich industrial labor market. High unemployment rates coupled with declining population rates often meant it was difficult for the community leaders to demonstrate that the county had a skilled and available workforce. But in the last year, the county has had success recruiting companies willing to invest in Fulton County’s future. A risk that paid off for KAYSER Automotive Systems each time an application was placed in the qualified stack at yesterday’s job fair.

“Nothing demonstrates the quality of our workforce than that stack of applications – the hundreds of applications from people who meet the job position requirements,” said Crittendon. “Of all the applications received by KAYSER today, only 108 people had no manufacturing experience, but included office workers, nurses, and other skilled individuals. KAYSER also received 89 applications from highly-experienced manufacturing workers who can fulfill specialty-skilled positions. The kind of positions that are often hard to fill. No longer can people doubt the quality of the workforce in Fulton County. Because they’re here and they’re ready to go to work.”

“Our job fair was a great success. We’re overwhelmed with the number of qualified applications, it’s a good problem to have,” said Paul Ankenbrand, Chief Operating Officer for KAYSER. “I really appreciate the hard work that the Fulton County-Hickman County EDP, West KY Workforce Investment Board and Kentucky Career Center did to help us recruit our initial production workforce. We have already started reviewing the applications and will start referring individuals to the next step in our hiring process.”

The KAYSER Automotive Systems job fair was held on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at the Pontotoc Civic Center, to recruit the company’s initial production workforce. Recruitment for other positions, including additional production workers will occur at a later time, as the facility moves toward full production in the months ahead. For more information, contact Eddie Crittendon.

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