Fulton Fire Department respond to House Fire


On Thursday, February 6th the Fulton Fire Department responded to a house fire at the Payne residence at 801 Vine Street in Fulton, KY. The family was present at the time of the reported fire at 6:30 p.m.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The house is severely damaged but many of the contents are salvageable.

The Fulton County Transit Authority provided a vehicle for responders to use for warming.  This proved invaluable to be able to allow responders to rehab from the frigid temperatures.  “The transit is always in support of our area in times of emergency situations and in day to day transportation. The service they provided to us on this scene was very much needed and appreciated,” says Fulton Fire Chief Mike Gunn.

Other departments among the 50 responders included the South Fulton Fire Department, The Union City Fire Department, AERIAL Truck and three firefighters from Burna Fire Department (Chief Rodney Hall) who were here with the driving simulator, Tri-Cities EMS, Fulton Electric System, Fulton Public Works, and the Fulton County Transit Authority.

Seven Coffee and Angelina’s Pizza Provided Coffee.

Photo by Kimberly Jobe

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