Photo Press Release 2014,02-25

(Clinton, KY) – Seth Wheat from Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet and Norma Pruitt with the Kentucky Great River Region Organization met with local county judge executives focusing on expanding adventure tourism and creating Trail Town designation for communities in the KY Great River Road Region along the Mississippi River Trails of KY.
Wheat said, “The Kentucky Trail Town Program is designed to help connect communities to trail systems and develop locations as tourist destinations.” He said, “Recreational trails and rivers can boost a community’s tourism traffic.” The Office of Adventure Tourism is helping communities take advantage of an economic opportunity brought by the attraction of trails, helping transform towns into a more inviting visit, as well as a better place for residents to live, work and play.
It was noted, that the most important part of the Trail Town program is each community is deciding its approach tying into a trail system and other services that trail users may need. Carlisle County Judge Executive Greg Terry explained “The four river counties are working jointly, connecting resources and sharing ideas while at the same time advising our existing businesses.” Terry stated, “In addition there are a number of new events being planned and several new businesses have started through social media programs like Facebook and they are attending events as vendors.”
There are many types of trails, whether hiking, biking, all-terrain, horses or a driving quilt trail. Trail users can venture to explore the unique scenery, shoppes, and local heritage that each Trail Town may offer. It is a safe place where both residents of the town and trail users and visitors can find the goods and services they need, inviting opportunities for new entrepreneurial business development.
Ballard County Judge Executive Vicki Viniard, says she “welcomes assistance from the Office of Adventure Tourism in providing guidance on tourism issues such as trail development and signage, information, resources and networking with other communities that have been successful by linking trails and services.”
“There’s a huge advantage coming to communities along the Mississippi River once a community receives the Trail Town certification”, Hickman County Judge Executive Greg Pruitt said. “The Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, the Department of Travel and Tourism and Office of Adventure Tourism will help promote and market our communities and services on the state’s maps, websites, visitor’s guides and other state promotional materials,” he continued.
Norma Pruitt, an advocate for the KY Great River Road Region, said the “Trail Town designations connect communities for travelers and guide visitors to trails, food, lodging, campgrounds, museums, entertainment and other services.” The designation may help our communities improve by adding more jobs and creating business opportunities to meet travelers.”

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