3rd Annual Twin Cities Class Reunion set for May 30th-31st

The 3rd Annual Twin Cities Class Reunion will be  May 30-31 this is for anyone that attended South Fulton, Fulton City and all members of Fulton Country Club.  This is a fund raiser  and all proceeds will go to Fulton Country Club. So even if you can’t attend a $30.00 donation would be greatly appreciated. Our hometown is changing back to what a lot of us growing up there remembers many years ago so losing our Country Club would be devastating for growth. So let’s have a fun weekend while making money for this great club.


Here’s what we have so far:

Friday night 6:00 we will have food provided by the members of Fulton Country Club, cash bar and music by Shane Faulkner DJ  “Kazmatic”  Shane has great lighting as well as speakers to be up all over the grounds and tent. We have failed on music for the past two reunions and we won’t on this one. Friday night we will have Karaoke,  a decade dance contest, best decade dress contest and any of you ladies that can wear your High School cheerleading outfits is a sure win or guys in your old school pants and jackets. We might also make up contest as we go. Friday night will be whatever we want it to be to start off this exciting weekend with great food, crazy games and fellowship.

We will have a silent auction for everyone to bid on Friday night, Saturday during the day and drawing will be Saturday night after our dinner. There will be a lot of great selections for weekend getaways, memberships and more. We are gathering items so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This was a big money raiser in 2010 and we want it even bigger for 2014 and provide you guys with some great opportunities.

Saturday morning 9:00 golf tournament $20.00 a person includes cart. This is going to be lots of fun and not your typical golf tournament. We will have obstacles on certain holes that will make hitting a golf ball a real chore. This is a 4 person scramble, you can make your own teams or we will be happy to pair you with others. Even if you don’t play golf this will be so much fun that you will want to team up with at least one or two golfers on it and enjoy the fun. You can use their clubs.  This will also be fun for those not playing to ride around and watch each team struggle and have fun at the same time.  We will have a beer cart running during the tournament and also someone grilling hamburgers and hot dogs to sell for $2.00 each. You can pay for golf the morning of the tournament. Just an example of a few holes you can look forward to: You will have to hit a golf ball while standing on a mattress, try hitting one off a toilet and guys you will have an opportunity to hit from the ladies tees only if you wear a pageant gown and a tiara for that one hole provided to us by Paige Burcham Dennis. Paige will make this big enough you can slip over your clothes. Now who would want to miss seeing all of this?

Saturday evening 6:30 we will provide valet parking, dinner by “The Keg” will be served at 7:30 and drawing for Silent Auction after dinner. Lots of great music and having fun with old school mates. Dress for the whole weekend is casual or whatever you want that makes you feel good.

Cory Edmison will be our photographer for the weekend events.  He will sell individual pictures, class pictures taken and a DVD with music to anyone that wishes to purchase from him. We have failed on photography for the last two reunions. Cory promises to take as many pictures that people want and will make sure lighting, music and everything is done right for DVD’s to purchase. You can buy individual pictures of your choice just tell Cory what you want.

Entry fee is $30.00 per person that covers both nights. Where can you go for two nights having great food, music and fellowship for $30.00?

All checks made to:  Twin Cites Class Reunion and mail to Heritage Bank 306 Lake Street Fulton KY 42041 Attn: Rita Lowry. We all need to send our money in as soon as possible. Our deadline for $30.00 a person is April 30th. Any money paid after that date is $50.00 per person.

Please let me know if you have questions after receiving this and please pass this on to anyone you know not listed above. We need all the help in recruiting you can give us to make this bigger and better than our past two reunions. I look forward to seeing you all.

Pam Hurt

615-351-8172 cell



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