Final Flight Outfitters Inc is Discovery Park of America’s Newest Partner

Final Flight

Discovery Park of America is announcing today that it has teamed up with this area’s largest catalog and retail provider of hunting gear, Final Flight Outfitters, Inc., in a mutually beneficial partnership.  Final Flight is owned by Jon Ed Powers, Tripp Powers and Kelley Powers and is located between Union City and Martin, TN on Hwy. 431.

As part of the partnership, Final Flight will be featuring Discovery Park of America on the back cover of its retail catalog that is sent out to over 100,000 people in 45 states each year for the next five years.  In return, Discovery Park of America has named one of the docks located in the South Lake, previously referred to as “Reelfoot Landing,” the “Final Flight Reelfoot Landing.”

“We really like developing relationships with area businesses that are good for both parties,” Jim Rippy, CEO stated.  Final Flight will help spread the word about Discovery Park to people all over the United States, while we will help make our estimated 250,000 a year visitors aware of them.  “Final Flight is a unique business and an asset to our rural community.  The Powers brothers are true entrepreneurs.  We are so pleased to be working together to enhance the northwest Tennessee region,” Rippy added.

Kelley Powers, the youngest of the Powers brothers, gained national and international fame in the sportsman’s world when he secured the World Championship Goose Calling title in 1999.  In addition to featuring Discovery Park on the back cover of the catalog, the “goose call” that Kelley used to win the World Championship is now on display in the Regional History Gallery in Discovery Center.

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