Students treated to a Student vs. Staff Basketball game

Brad Rozzell tosses up the jump ball for Daniel Farmer, a fourth grade teacher at Carr Elementary,  and sixth-grader Brennen  Walker  to start Friday's game.

Carr Elementary School students who completed the last nine weeks grading period behavior referral free were treated to a students vs staff basketball game on the Friday before Spring Break began.Sixth-graders who were on the referral free list played in the game against some of the Carr staff members. Those staff members participating included Christie Atwill, Nathan Castleman, Alley Evans, Daniel Farmer, Jennifer Garland, Kim Jobe, Alisha Lofton and Lisa McClain. The staff team was coached by Jennifer Jones while Mike Thomas coached the student team. Brad Rozzell was the referee, Jason Gibbs was the announcer for the game and Allison Butner ran the time clock. Although the sixth-graders fought hard during the game, the staff members “schooled” them for a victory. Students who remain on good behavior each nine weeks are treated to a special event. Some of the other past special treats have been an ice cream party and time spent racing through an inflatable obstacle course. Fulton Independent School students are on Spring Break this week. Classes will resume on April 6.

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