Martin Police respond to Aggravated Assault incident

On 04-01-2014 at approximately 2342 Hrs Ptl. Drew Vernon was dispatched to 220 Hannings Lane
in reference to someone being struck with a shovel.

Upon arrival, Ptl. Vernon made contact with the victim/complainant (Jordan Whitby) who advised that he had
seen someone in the tree line on the east side of the Pike House. The victim advised that he had his phone
light out and when he went up to the tree line he observed someone run around to the opposite side of a
large tree. The victim stated that he went around to see who this subject was and at this time he was struck
with a metal snow shovel on his right arm that knocked the phone and light from his hand.
The victim stated that he was then struck in the head before he was able to get the shovel away from
the offender. The victim stated that a brief struggle ensued and the offender fled the area heading east on
Hannings Lane. The victim stated that he recognized the offender as Christopher Morris. The victim stated
that even though the lighting conditions were poor, he was still able to identify the offenders face. The victim
advised that he knew Christopher Morris because he used to be in another fraternity on campus. The victim
also gave a physical description of the offender that did match his driver’s license information.
A green polo hat was recovered at the scene in addition to the shovel in question being taken into
evidence. Ptl. Vernon did also observe visible abrasions to the victim’s right arm that were consistent with his account
of the incident. The victim did provide a written statement. Ptl. Vernon attempted to make contact with the offender
but was unsuccessful.
Warrants will be issued for Aggravated Assault.

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