Family Reading and Writing Night

Mindy Rose helps her son, Jackson Ames, complete their descriptive acrostic.

Carr Elementary School hosted a Family Reading and Writing Night recently.  Student writing samples were displayed from each grade for a writing gallery walk.  A board containing the writing plan, six traits of writing, and writing tips was also displayed and discussed by FIS Assistant Principal Sondra Gibbs during the program.  Dakota Buckley and Brandon Rushing , two sixth grade speech competition winners, presented their speeches to those attending the event.  Jennifer Caldwell, elementary reading specialist, and Librarian Katie Parr facilitated a family writing activity where each family created a descriptive acrostic using their last names.  Families used the writing process to complete the activity.  A graphic organizer was given for brain storming, and decorative paper and crayons were used for the final draft.  Families completed the evening by taking Accelerated Reading tests in the library.


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