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Alexander Thompson Arnold CPAs Sponsors Discovery Park Of America Traveling Exhibit Hall

Alexander Thompson Arnold CPAs (ATA) is the name sponsor of the Traveling Exhibit Hall located in Discovery Center, the main exhibit building at Discovery Park of America.  The 4,000 square foot room will house temporary special exhibitions.

“The Kirkland Foundation has created an incredible venue in Union City that will benefit children and adults throughout Western Tennessee, Kentucky and surrounding states,” said Al Creswell, Chief Manager of Alexander Thompson Arnold CPAs.  “ATA is proud to be a small part of this great facility and to help bring interesting and educational exhibits to visitors.  We understand that unique educational opportunities like Discovery Park strengthen our communities, and the ATA team is enthusiastic about being a part of it.  We look forward to the announcement about the first exhibit in the ATA Traveling Exhibit Hall, and we hope it will bring thousands of people to visit.”